Flu Immunizations at Advanced Pediatrics 2015-2016

Flu Immunizations 2015-2016- later this fall

Advanced Pediatrics is pleased to announce that this year’s influenza immunizations will be available in our office this fall.

Many of you may already know that the influenza virus changes every year.  That's why it's the only immunization that needs to be done every year.   Just think about the measles vaccine, you get it twice then never again the rest of your life, because the measles virus in 1880, 1995, 2015, and likely 2054 will be exactly the same.

Not so with influenza virus, so every year public health experts monitor the world to see trends that will help them predict which strains will appear this winter.

This year the public health experts recommended that the flu immunizations for this year change their strains, causing those manufacturing influenza immunizations to delay shipment.

We are told we should have influenza immunizations- by nasal spray and shot- available sometime later in October.

The good news is that the influenza virus only begins to arrive in the United States around late November, rising to real epidemic levels only by mid-December.  So if you get your influenza immunizations by mid-November, you will be protected against the flu epidemics of 2015-2016.

Advanced Pediatrics will be announcing the dates of when influenza immunizations will be available soon, and once again we will be offering our FluFest as the easiest and most fun way of getting your child(ren) protected.

Keep in mind that the influenza virus is responsible for a rather astounding amount of winter illness, causing fully 1/3 of all colds, flus, and ear infections.

Influenza immunization is now recommended for everyone, except for those less than 6 months old.

Influenza immunization comes in two formats:  a shot and a nasal spray.  The shot contains dead virus and is fine for anyone over 6 months of age to use.  The nasal spray contains live virus and should not be used by anyone less than 2 years old, older than 50 years old, or anyone with a chronic illness, including asthma.

With regard to how many influenza vaccines is a complete series, the answer is very simple.  Anyone under age 9 who has never had an influenza vaccine, needs two influenza vaccines at least one month apart to be fully protected.
That also means anyone who has had an influenza vaccine in the past only needs one this year.

Overall, the data show that the nasal spray tends to work better- the immunity covers more strains than are in the vaccine and lasts longer.  But, at the same time, the shot works quite well, too.

We at Advanced Pediatrics are very pleased to be able to help make sure this winter is as healthy as possible.

So, stay tuned.   The immunizations for influenza for 2015-2016 will be here later in October.  We will be announcing when they will be available as soon as we are informed.   FluFest 2015 will be announced soon, too, so stay tuned.

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