An Invitation to Participate
in a Research Study
Dear Family,
I want to invite you to consider participating in a research study for families with children ages 1-7 being conducted at Case Western Reserve University.
The research is examining how well an on-line questionnaire can perform in identifying children with developmental delays.
I am interested in helping the researchers out primarily to learn more about the specifics of screening for developmental delay. We have met with the research team, and they are incredibly thoughtful and deliberate. Their work is at the highest level, we will all likely learn quite a bit from working together on this study.
This study is not being conducted out of any concern about your child. In fact, we are not seeking any family to participate for any reason beyond having a child in the age range of 1-7 years old.
If you participate in the study, all we ask is that you complete an online questionnaire that asks you, the parents, to share your observations about your child's development.

Neither the Case team nor I will have any idea what your scores are. The scores are kept anonymous. The only data that will travel with the scores will be information such as age, zip code, and other such demographic information, nothing that would allow anyone to identify who the child or family is.
To participate, simply open the link below which will take you to an informed consent document. If you agree to continue, then you will be brought to the online questionnaire, fill it out, and you are done.

It could be very interesting to take the opportunity to create a developmental screening tool that actually works, and you can have the opportunity to participate in that creation.
The sponsors of the study are the grants that fund the investigator's work. No financial benefit will come from the study to anyone at Advanced Pediatrics or to any participating family.
In that sense, this study is not the usual clinical research that tends to be well funded by pharmaceutical companies and expose children to testing of drugs. In this instance, no commercial companies are involved, the actions taken are simply filling out a questionnaire, no side effects are possible, and no money exchanges hands.
The study will be limited to the first 100 families to complete the questionnaire.
As noted, we have met with the research team. They have deep and thoughtful experience trying to determine the best way to help children. I believe their work, and our participation in it, may open the door to further exploration and understanding. It will almost certainly help me to further consider the up and down sides to screening for developmental concerns. 
Thank you for your consideration, and here is to a healthy and safe summer.
Dr. Arthur Lavin
Dr. Julie Hertzer
Ms. Kelley Muldoon Rieger
Advanced Pediatrics

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