Your Chance of Having a C-section at Two Cleveland Area Hospitals

Your Chance of Having a C-section
 at Two Cleveland Area Hospitals

The government of the State of Ohio tracks various performance criteria for hospitals in the state.

One item that should be of interest to all mothers delivering, is the chance of being delivered
by C-section at various hospitals.

The exact wording of the event tracked by Ohio is "C-section for low risk Moms having their first baby"

Curiously, the chance of delivering by C-section was quite different at two area hospitals.

At Hillcrest, the rate was quoted as 30% 

At St. John Medical Center the rate was quoted at 10%
By this measure of the State of Ohio, a first time mother delivering at Hillcrest is 3 times more likely to deliver by C-section than at St. John Medical Center.

One difference for St. John Medical Center is that about half the deliveries are done by midwives.  I do not know is this is the cause of the observed difference by the State of Ohio, but it is curious.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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