Influenza Immunization Now Safe in Mild to Moderate Egg Allergy

Influenza Immunization Now Safe
in Children with
Mild to Moderate Egg Allergy

Influenza vaccine has virus in it grown in eggs. 

The manufacture of the vaccine washes the egg material out of the vaccine quite thoroughly, but in an effort to be extra safe, the recommendation has been, for many decades, to not use flu vaccine if you are allergic to eggs.

That recommendation has never made much sense to me given that studies of children allergic to eggs, even severely so, have no or little reaction to the flu vaccine.

So, I was very pleased to see the American Academy of Pediatrics recently report that it is now fine to give influenza vaccine to children with egg allergy, unless that allergy is quite severe, causing such extreme reactions as anaphylaxis.  They also note, that even in such severe cases, allergic reactions to the vaccine are unusual.

So, unless your child's egg allergy causes anaphylaxis or other life-threatening reactions, your child can not get the influenza vaccine at Advanced Pediatrics.

Dr. Arthur Lavin
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