No reason for routine urinalysis

No reason for routine urinalysis

In 1985, Dr. Lavin performed an extensive literature search to examine the proof that routine lab screening tests in children helped them.  One finding at the time was that doing a urinalysis in a healthy appearing child was a bad idea.

Based on that finding, he did not recommend routine urinalyses at well child care visits, at any age.

At the time, many medical societies, and most pediatricians, obtained routine urinalyses at annual check-ups, or at least two times during childhood.

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed routine urinalyses for many years following 1985, but in 2007 the AAP looked at the same data as Dr. Lavin had and came to the same conclusion, officially changing the recommendation to not doing the routine urinalysis.

Now at the end of 2010, the AAP has once again come out with a statement arguing very strongly against the practice of obtaining urine samples in children without symptoms to justify the test.

We are pleased at Advanced Pediatrics to once again have confirmation that our efforts to provide medical advice based on the best medical data available, as free from marketing influence as possible, do indeed, over time, yield reliable recommendations.

And, now you know why we do not ask for urine samples routinely at health supervision (well-child care, check-up) visits.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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