Advanced Pediatrics Earns the Respect of Angies' List Customers

Advanced Pediatrics Earns the Respect of 
Angie's List Customers

We wanted to share some very good news, and thank everyone in the practice 
for their good words.

This week I received notification from Angie's List that Advanced Pediatrics has an "A" rating in their Health Category.

We are thrilled to have earned your respect, appreciation, and trust, and will continue to work hard to earn it.

Some of the comments were quite moving, we are truly very grateful to be able to help out.

Here are two sample comments from families:

"Dr. Lavin has been our family's pediatrician since we moved to Cleveland over 15 years ago. He has helped me raise my three kids into healthy teenagers. He almost always leaves time to just chat and usually listens well to our concerns."

"My daughter had been sick and I took her into Advanced pediatrics They saw her immediately, we got a "same day" appointment. Kelly (the P.A.) listened to my daughter's breathing, then sent her literally next door for an x-ray. How convenient! Then the x-ray walked us back to Advanced Pediatrics and handed the radiologist's diagnosis off to the office. We got a prescription and were on our way, in less than an hour. Then I was concerned that my daughter wasn't recovering at a good rate. They got me in immediately with Dr. Lavin, he listened to my concerns, then checked out my daughter. He let me his opinion and backed it up with research and a personal anecdote, which was reassuring. Neither Dr. Lavin nor Kelly makes me feel silly when I have a worry, they value my opinion and work with me toward my daughter's best health!"

Thanks to all once more,
Dr. Arthur Lavin


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