Flu Vaccine Appointments still Open

Flu Vaccine Appointments still Open

Dear Families,

We wanted you to know that our prediction that this flu vaccine season would be far calmer than 
last year's has seemed to come true.

We have plenty of vaccine, so face no shortages, at this time.

And, we wanted everyone to know that appointments to get a flu vaccine at Advanced Pediatrics
are still open and available.

These appointments are currently on October 26 and October 28, both in the early morning period.

So if you want to come in for a flu vaccine, just call 216-591-1515 during normal office hours and 
you can get an appointment.

We are very pleased this year's provision of flu vaccine has gone so smoothly and once again appreciate
your patience and cooperation in ensuring that all children in our community will be protected in time.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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