Great Site for Caregivers http://nfcacares.org/

Great site for Caregivers  http://nfcacares.org/

This is a posting for any family that has a child with special health care needs.

Last month I was honored to present at a national conference of an organization devoted to the 
understanding and care of a very rare metabolic disorder, metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD).

At this conference, I was introduce to an organization that helps parents of children with 
any disabling or complex condition.

The National Family Caregivers Association is a treasure chest of great ideas to help families find support, namely:
  • thinking about how to obtain benefits to support care
  • finding approaches to care that make a huge difference
  • managing family time away, together and apart
In short, a very, very valuable source of ideas that make a real difference.

Hope you find it helpful whenever you may need it.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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