Flu Vaccines for 2010-2011

Flu Vaccines for 2010-2011

Dear Family,

Every year a virus called the influenza virus appears in our community.  This usually happens in a regular, predictable manner, appearing in late December or early January, and leaving our area altogether by May.

Last year, as you know, an influenza virus appeared off this schedule and thereby earned the name pandemic influenza virus.  

Every species of influenza virus that appears can also be described as a type, usually by giving the H and N proteins on the virus each a number.  The pandemic virus of last year was H1N1.

This year we are expecting to see only the seasonal influenza viruses, appearing in late December or early January until May.   There is no indication that any other influenza viruses will be here.

With that in mind, we anticipate a very calm delivery of flu vaccine this fall.

There are no reported shortages, and in marked contrast to last year, there is only one flu vaccine (in shot or mist form) that needs to be given.  Everyone over 9 years of age, and everyone under 10 years of age who got the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine last year, just needs one dose of flu vaccine this year.

Advanced Pediatrics will be making special times available for flu vaccine in an orderly fashion, as we receive our supplies.

Please know that we anticipate having plenty of flu vaccine available well before the time it is needed (around January 1).

That means, if your child gets the flu vaccine in early October, late October, early November, or even late November, the level of protection for the January-May influenza infections will be the same.

So that means there is no rush, plenty of vaccine, and so stay tuned to your emails as we announce the days and times of our flu vaccine clinics.

We appreciate your trust, and are very, very glad that this year the provision of protection via flu vaccines will be far simpler than last year, and that no shortages are expected.  We are so pleased we will be able to protect your child(ren) in plenty of time.

Thank you once more,
Dr. Arthur Lavin

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