The Health Care Reform Law

The Health Care Reform Law

On March 30, 2010, President Barak Obama signed into law what many have described
as the most important legislation passed by Congress in many generations.

The importance of these new laws has generated much discussion, debate, and political

Whatever one's political views, however, a very important set of laws is now in effect, commanding the attention of all who provide or use health care.

As a provider of health care, we thought we should share with you what we know about these laws.

The health care reform laws were crafted to solve three problems:

  1. Needless death and disability- A rapidly increasing number of American citizens are actually dying from not being insured.
  2. Unnecessary financial ruin- Over half of all personal bankruptcies in the US are from uncovered medical costs.
  3. Not knowing what works-  A proliferation of drugs and medical devices has exploded with little or no ability for people to know what works best.
Many may disagree about whether these new laws will work, but a striking consensus emerged during 
the debate that these three problems had to be addressed.

As to what the new laws do, a very simple summary would state:
  • Insure nearly all American citizens for health care
  • Outlaw being excluded or kicked off a plan for getting sick
  • Reduce the ability to increase premiums if you get sick
  • Give small businesses tax credits if they insure their employees
  • Close the Medicare Part D "donut hole"
  • Cover preventive health services
  • Force Congresspersons to get their health insurance policies through the same health insurance exchanges as everyone else
  • Create the ability for the US to test and know which medical interventions work best at the least cost
To achieve these ends, the laws set up a gradual timetable of implementation of a number of provisions.

A good guide to the specific provisions of the health care reform law is offered by the following three 
resources, that describe to provisions in a simple to more comprehensive approach, as follows:

A two-page summary and timetable of the 
legislation (put together by the National Physicians Alliance [NPA])

A comprehensive review of our current health care 
system and the new laws (presented by the president of the 
NPA, Dr. Valerie Arkoosh at the Cleveland City Club) 

A detailed printed review of the new health care legislation
(From the Kaiser Family Foundation)

Health care is our business, but clearly is everyone's business.  Whatever our political flavor, it 

makes sense to know what the law of the land is, we at Advanced Pediatrics hope 

that these resources help you understand the new health care reform laws.

Let us hope our national community finds its way to prevent needless suffering, financial ruin, and 

the use of ineffective interventions.

We look forward to working together with your family to make sure the health care 

delivered at Advanced Pediatrics is the best care we can provide.

Dr. Arthur Lavin  

The comments contained in this electronic source of information do not constitute and are not designed to imply that they constitute any form of individual medical advice. The information provided is purely for informational purposes only and not relevant to any person's particular medical condition or situation. If you have any medical concerns about yourself or your family please contact your physician immediately. In order to provide our patients the best uninfluenced information that science has to offer,we do not accept samples of drugs, advertising tchotchkes, money, food, or any item from outside vendors.

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