Does Fluoride in Water cause Cancer? No

Does Fluoride in Water cause Cancer?  No

Over the last several years, a study in animals raised a question:

Does exposing teeth to fluoride in water increase the chance of a person
developing a cancer?

This question has been bouncing around US communities ever since, prompting
a large number of important, and highly reliable studies to be completed to answer
the question.

Often, such questions are hard to be sure about answering.  But this time, the answer
is sure and certain:  fluoride in the municipal water supply, and as a supplement if your
water is not fluoridated has not impact on the chance of developing any cancer.

Perhaps the best source of the data on this whole story is available from the
United States National Cancer Institute at

If you have any doubts about the safety of fluoride in water, please take a
moment to go this link.  

The data take concerns about fluoride quite seriously.  But the evidence is solid, and
deeply reassuring.

Taking fluoride supplements in tap water, or if that is not available, by the right dosage, is
safe and bears no relation to the risk of cancer.

Dr. Arthur Lavin
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