FDA Asks that One of Two Rotavirus Vaccines Not be Used

One of Two Rotavirus Vaccines 
Now Off the Market

Advanced Pediatrics has just been alerted that the FDA has advised all doctors
to stop use of the Rotarix vaccine, one of two on the market for use in preventing
stomach flu caused by the rotavirus.

Here is the official notice:

This notice brings several points to mind:

  • Your child is not at risk at Advanced Pediatrics from this vaccine, we have never given this brand to anyone at this office
  • Rotavirus is the main type of stomach flu in February.
  • All stomach flus tend to be quite mild illnesses in nearly everyone who has them
  • By mild, we mean that you recover and you recover with no lasting harm
  • By that definition, nearly everyone who gets the stomach flu has a mild illness
  • This being the case, any vaccine that would propose to prevent rotavirus infection had better be incredibly safe.  Otherwise, getting the vaccine would prove more dangerous than having the mild illness.
These points leave us confirmed in our recommendation at Advanced Pediatrics
that rotavirus immunization is not yet established as the safe enough to prevent 
this very mild illness, and so we do not recommend immunization with it.

This most recent advisory from the FDA confirms the reasonableness
of our policy to hold on the rotavirus vaccine program at Advanced Pediatrics
until we can be sure this vaccine is far safer than having a bout of mild stomach flu.

In extremely sharp contrast to the typically mild nature of rotavirus, the 
deadly illnesses of tetanus, meningitis, polio, and diphtheria make the urgency of 
being protected against these diseases a very convincing argument for immunization
against these illnesses.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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