H1N1 is Here!

Our Second Shipment of H1N1 Vaccine
Has Arrived

Advanced Pediatrics is pleased to announce that just this morning,
November 24, 2009, we received our second shipment of H1N1 

At this time, therefore, we are opening up appointments during regular
office hours for all those interested in having their children protected from
infection from the H1N1 virus.

A few points:
  1. This shipment includes the nasal spray and injection formats.
  2. This means we can immunize from age 6months up
  3. And we can immunize those with asthma.
  4. At this time we will offer vaccine to all those who need their first dose.
On our recommendation to be immunized against H1N1 illnesses
The fall epidemic of H1N1 illness in the Cleveland area ceased about
two weeks ago.  However, H1N1 could very easily return.  Further, if it 
does return we have no idea if it may cause more dangerous.

And so, once again, Advanced Pediatrics recommends you immunize all
your children 6 months of age and older for H1N1 infections.  This is a 
reasonable if not urgent recommendation.

Bottom Line:
Advanced Pediatrics has H1N1 nasal spray and shot.
Appointments can now be made to have your child receive 
their first dose of H1N1 vaccine.
Call soon while supplies last, but we do expect more 
shipments over time, too.

Dr. Lavin

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