Announcing Final Seasonal Flu Vaccine Availability

Announcing Final Seasonal 
Flu Vaccine Availability

Advanced Pediatrics has just been informed that 
the seasonal flu vaccine we have in the office
will be all that we will be receiving.

We have also just completed our last special flu vaccine
clinic for 2009 and are able, therefore, to make available
the final doses of seasonal flu vaccine for 2009.
These doses are all injection-format, we have no more
doses of nasal spray-format.

Why? As with all other medical providers, we are
limited by the number of doses the pharmaceutical
companies make each year.  

These manufacturers have informed us that they are
not going to be making any more doses of seasonal
flu vaccine, and therefore not shipping any more.

So, as of now, we have a limited number of seasonal flu
vaccine available on a first-come, first-served basis.
(We have reserved and administered a number of doses
for those with dangerously serious illness already)

Bottom Line:
1. Call now- seasonal flu shots are available, for
a very brief time.
2. We still expect many more doses of H1N1 flu vaccine,
both nasal spray and injection, to be delivered to us.
Stay tuned to these postings for announcements
of their arrival. At this moment, that shipment
has not yet arrived, so we do not have any H1N1 vaccine,
3. We apologize for all the worry, inconvenience, and
frustration this flu season's immunizations has caused.
There is no way any of us could avoid feeling worried and
frustrated when we experience the double-hit of a potentially
dangerous, widespread novel flu epidemic (H1N1) coupled with
very real shortages of manufacture of seasonal and H1N1 vaccine.

Finally, we all at Advanced Pediatrics remain very grateful for your
patience and trust as we all work together to protect your children,
to the very best of our ability.

Dr. Arthur Lavin
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