Dr. Lavin in Jacksonville FL on Autism

Dr. Arthur Lavin presents a National Conference on the topic of Autism

Dr. Arthur Lavin was invited by the Infusion Nurses Society to present at their national fall meeting, the National Academy of Infusion Therapy.  Each year the Society selects topics of top interest to their 6000 members, and this year the issue of most interest was autism.

Dr. Lavin was invited to present an overview of this subject, and was brought to Jacksonville FL and invited to submit a manuscript to the Society's Journal.  His presentation on autism is now available on-line, as a PowerPoint file, at www.advancedped.com.

In his presentation, on November 15, 2009, Dr. Lavin reviews the basic elements of normal cognition with special attention to the key aspects of social cognition.  A working definition of autism and its relevant spectrum conditions is also presented.  Then a review of the controversy on whether a true epidemic is occurring, as well as the status of various treatments currently proposed.

Dr. Lavin's key points are that autism is on the rise, but we still have no understanding of its true causes.

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