October Update on H1N1

October Update on H1N1
As October draws to a close here is where we stand on the
H1N1 epidemic of 2009 and our immunization program 
for H1N1 and seasonal flu:

The Illness
  1. Right now the H1N1 epidemic is quite widespread in our area.
  2. Cleveland is experiencing very high incidence of H1N1 infections.
  3. The illnesses in children in our practice remain quite safe.
  4. Illness is notable for high fever and typical cold symptoms.
  5. No one from Advanced Pediatrics has been admitted to the hospital for this illness.
The Immunizations
  1. Advanced Pediatrics was one of the first practices in our region to receive a shipment of H1N1 vaccine. It was all in the nasal spray form
  2. Within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine, the practice was notified it was available and all doses were administered within one week.
  3. We anticipate receiving many, many more doses of the nasal spray as well as abundant ininjections for infants and older children and adolescents in the coming weeks.
  4. Announcements on H1N1 immunization availability will be posted in real time, as it happens on this web page.
  5. When decisions are made about days for new vaccine administration, emails will be sent out to announce that step.
Don't forget Seasonal Flu
H1N1 is here and now.
H1N1 immunization is of the moment as well.

But starting in a few weeks, a new flu epidemic will be hitting, seasonal flu.

We are still focusing our efforts on H1N1 prevention, but should have
some new appointments available for seasonal flu immunization soon.
When those appointments are opened, we will post a notice on this web

Bottom Line:
  • The H1N1 epidemic of 2009 is here and now
  • So far, to date, the illness is quite mild
  • No serious outcomes have occurred from H1N1 in the practice, so far
  • We have received and administered only our first shipment of H1N1 vaccine
  • Much more H1N1 is expected to be delivered, we check every day
  • We will notify by web post and email when we receive our H1N1 vaccines
  • Make sure you are immunized against seasonal flu, we will post when appointments for seasonal flu immunization open again.
Dr. Arthur Lavin

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