Working Together to Manage a Shortage

Working Together to Manage a Shortage

It seems prudent to post a note during this stressful, transient time
between our first and subsequent deliveries of H1N1 vaccine about
how we need to manage this challenge.

First of all, this is not a dangerous crisis. The H1N1 illness so far
is incredibly mild. Further, we anticipate having lots and lots of H1N1
vaccine. The US is making 190 million doses, only 13 million have
been finished and shipped, so almost all the vaccine is yet to be
shipped, and will be shipped and available.

Secondly, Advanced Pediatrics has given a great deal of thought
on how best to distribute the limited doses of flu vaccine, H1N1 and
seasonal, as it becomes available.

This is how we do it:
  1. We only make appointments for flu vaccines that we actually have on hand.
  2. We do not make appointments for flu vaccines that we do not have.
  3. When we receive a shipment, we put a carefully determined number of doses in reserve for critically ill children.
  4. We then set up appointments for all the doses available be alerting the practice by posting on our web page and/or e-mail alerts.
  5. Appointments for H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine are then made on a first-come, first-serve basis for all but the most critically ill children.
  6. Advanced Pediatrics makes these vaccines available only on this basis.
  7. Every family has the same opportunity to obtain a flu vaccine appointment.
  8. Only shortages of manufacture have caused families to have to wait for flu shot appts.
Another option would be to not provide flu vaccines at the office. That would lead to fully equal 
treatment, but would be a very poor choice. Why not make the vaccine available to 
everybody we can?

Of course, even the most fair approach to making a limited item available will create 
frustration and disappointment. Please believe us when we say that we wish American
pharmaceutical manufacturers could make enough H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine for use
well before any flu season.

But the reality is that they cannot, and so we are all, practice and family, thrust into
managing a situation of temporary shortage.

As such, we remain most grateful for your understanding and patience as we work together
to make H1N1 and seasonal flu immunization available to your children.

Thank You,

Dr. Arthur Lavin and the Advanced Pediatrics Team

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