H1N1 FluMist ONLY Now Available at Advanced Pediatrics

H1N1 FluMist Only
Now Available

Advanced Pediatrics is pleased to announce 
that we now can make H1N1 flumist only

We DO NOT have H1N1 injections yet.

Flumist is the nasal spray form of the vaccine.

H1N1 flumist can only be given to children who:
  1. are 2 years or older
  2. Do not have asthma, chronic illness.
  3. Do not have compromised immune system.
  4. Are not allergic to egg.
Advanced Pediatrics has decided to immunize
all the children in the practice first.  No parent 
will be offered this vaccine until all the children
are immunized.

Two Influenza Virus Epidemics
In the 2009-2010 influenza season, we are 
facing two epidemics:
  • H1N1, which is NOW
  • Seasonal influenza, which is due in January
Priority to H1N1
Given that H1N1 is our current epidemic, we are 
giving priority to this vaccination, especially now 
that we have it.

All Flu Vaccine Clinics will now be devoted
to H1N1 vaccination 
So, if you have an appointment for influenza 
immunization in October, our recommendation is that 
if you are over 2 years old, and have no chronic illnesses,
that you receive the H1N1 vaccine now, and the 
seasonal flu vaccine at a later time.

We will be setting up new times to accomodate
the two flu vaccine needs.

Anyone who gets Flumist for either flu must wait
3 weeks before getting the other.
That means if you got Flumist for seasonal flu, you
must wait 3 weeks before getting your H1N1 Flumist,
and vice versa.

  1. We have H1N1 Flumist
  2. You have to be 2 years or older to get it
  3. You cannot have it if you have:
    1. asthma
    2. active chronic illness
    3. immunosuppression
  4. For the next few weeks you should get H1N1 before you get seasonal flu vaccine
  5. Seasonal flu virus does not appear until January, so we have time, and supplies, to do both.
  6. Additional times for flu immunization are being set up now.
  7. Shipments of H1N1 vaccine are coming in separate parts.
  8. We will have a reserve of vaccine for ill children.
  9. For healthy children, H1N1 vaccine will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, until all doses on hand are scheduled.
  10. We will not make any appointments for any vaccine we do not have in stock.

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