Announcing our Second and Third FluFests for 2015- 
once again Featuring Mitchell's Ice Cream

Advanced Pediatrics is pleased to announce the second and third FluFests of this season will be held during the day on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, and from 8AM to 11:00AM on Saturday, November 7, 2015

An important difference this year is that the company MedImmune, the only manufacturer of FluMist, had a major factory mishap and so shipments of FluMist, the inhaled version of the influenza vaccine, will be in such short supply, we will NOT have the option of the nasal flu vaccine, (flumist),  the inhaled flu immunization, for our November FluFests or at our checkups and sick visits.
Therefore, this year will be a SHOT ONLY year for our November FluFests and for influenza immunization during sick visits and check ups.

Our first FluFest for 2015 is on October 24, 2015.  And after that FluFest, we will also be making flu shots available during regular check-ups and sick visits.

We have long appreciated the ease of how well the FluMist works, and share all disappointment that the maker of FluMist failed to produce enough for the nation this year.
But we do look forward to protecting the community against the coming flu this winter, even by shot rather than sniff.

This later timing of our flu clinics will be well before the influenza virus begins to reach epidemic levels which is usually until mid-December or sometimes as late as January.

Many thanks once more to Mitchell's HomeMade Ice Cream, and to all of you, the families of Advanced Pediatrics, for your trust in us.  We hope making the provision of flu vaccine in a friendly and easy fashion can express some of our gratitude to you.

See you at the FluFests!
To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin 

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