Flu Immunization Update- New Shipment of Shots Due at end of Month

Flu Immunization Update:
New Shipment of Shots Due at end of Month

Today marks the completion of two of our three FluFest 2014 sessions.   The program has been a big hit in large part due to the generosity of Mitchell's Ice Cream, making a scoop of their great ice cream or sorbet available to those getting their flu immunizations on FluFest days.   Our last FluFest session will be Saturday, November 8.

We have also just received notice that a shipment of the flu shot for older children (age 3 and up) has been delayed to the end of the month of November.  At this time (November 4) we have no flu shots for older children in hand, but we will be getting a shipment in a few weeks, by December, we are told by the drug manufacturer.

We have abundant supplies of flu shots for infants and young children (age 6 months to age 3 years) and plenty of the nasal form (FluMist) for anyone in good health over age 2.

Many thanks to all the families for protecting your children and participating in FluFest 2014.  It is such a pleasure to see everyone, we are very happy we were able to make it more fun this year.  And, most importantly, we have seen this active influenza immunization program really drop the chances of getting a cold or flu in January-March.

Here is to your health!

Dr. Lavin

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