Good Rx- a great app

A New App to Help you Find the Right Price-
For Prescriptions

UPDATE 1/29/15

I wrote this note some months ago, and just today, Good Rx let me know that 7 patients in the practice have used it and saved a total of $980.68!  (NOTE:  I have NO relationship with Good Rx, I do not collect any fees from them, or the drug stores.  I only recommend it as a fellow consumer and advocate for your family).

Take a look at GoodRx

It's an app that will, based on your location, and the medication your are buying, lists the cost of your prescription at area pharmacies, and available coupons.

Some of the ranges can be quite dramatic- one place may tell you that it will cost you $100 and another, with coupon, $30, for example.

Once you locate the best price, many pharmacies will then price match.

So take a look, see if it helps.

Dr. Lavin

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