Ebola Update- Solon and Hathaway Brown

Ebola Update- Solon and Hathaway Brown
This morning, two schools in Solon- the middle school and the Parkside Elementary School- and the Hathaway Brown School took steps relating to the Ebola virus.

In Solon, a staff person in the middle school was said to be on the same plane, but a subsequent (not the same) flight, as the nurse who flew from Cleveland to Dallas on October 13.  The two schools are closed today for disinfection.

At Hathaway Brown, a student was said to have had contact with the infected nurse who was visiting NE Ohio, and that student is not attending the school today.

In both instances, Solon Schools and the Hathaway Brown Schools are taking precautions.  There is no indication that anyone in NE Ohio, or any part of Ohio actually has an Ebola virus infection, even today.

In the case of the middle school staff person in Solon, being on a flight following the infected nurse's flight, even on the same plane, should not pose any risk to that person getting the Ebola virus infection.  But, even if that person did, she would not be contagious for typically a couple of weeks, and so could not be contagious now, and is very very likely not even infected at all.

In the case of the student at Hathaway Brown, it is again, likely that she is not infected.    But, even if someone did get infected this week, again, they would not be contagious now.

This note is no comment on the decisions taken by the Solon Schools or the Hathaway Brown School.  They have all the facts of their situation, we do not.   But it is clear that these steps were taken, as a precaution, not because anyone else in Ohio has been found to be infected with the Ebola virus.

Precautions are quite fine and prudent, of course, but the message has to be very clear: there is no Ebola virus epidemic in Ohio, or even one threatening to occur.

Again, we appreciate that even the mention of Ebola virus in our own community is a frightening event.  We take your concerns very seriously, and respect the concerns of all involved.

We will continue to update you as information becomes available to us.

Right now, the situation is actually quite good and reassuring.  To the best of everyone's knowledge, there are no people in Ohio currently infected with Ebola virus.  Steps are being taken to track and contain any such possibility.  And so today we are safe, and the outlook is excellent that we will remain so.

Dr. Lavin

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