Time to be Sure your Child has had an MMR- Measles and Mumps are showing up

Time to be Sure your Child has had an MMR- 
Measles and Mumps are showing up

Measles is now showing up in New York City, with 20 cases recently reported.

Measles is actually a very dangerous disease.  About 1 in every 1,000 children who get it will be left with quite severe, and permanent, brain damage, from a complication called SSPE.

In the developing world, measles is responsible for 5% of all childhood deaths.

And, there is no reason we should have to worry, since the measles immunization works very well.

In fact, back when parents were less concerned about immunizations, and nearly every child got the measles immunization, there was no measles to be worried about.

But all that is now changing.  Years of worry about immunizations, and in particular, the hoax played on the world by Dr. Wakefield of England in which he conjured up a connection between measles immunization and autism that took hold, have led to falling rates of immunization for measles.

At Advanced Pediatrics we try to be very attentive and responsive to the wide range of concerns immunizations can raise, and are happy to do so.  But when our community makes choices that can cause harm, we also need to alert the community that some choices could put your children at risk.

The fear created by Dr. Wakefield surrounding the only measles immunization available in the US, the MMR, has led to record number of children not being protected against measles, and now children in the US are getting measles.

The same drop in MMR use seen in NYC is happening here, and so we anticipate measles appearing in Cleveland, or at least see this as a reasonable possibility.

If your child is 1 year old, or older, and has never received an MMR, the time is now to consider the risk.  
We recommend that your child be protected against the risk of contracting measles, and, ultimately, the risk of SSPE, the terrible complication seen in 1 in 1,000 cases of measles.


  • The MMR was once thought to cause autism, but the evidence is overwhelming, it does not.
  • MMR use rates have dropped enough that measles is coming back.
  • Measles can cause permanent brain damage from a complication called SSPE
  • If your child is 1 year or older, and has never had an MMR, the reappearance of measles puts your child at risk for SSPE, we recommend you protect them by giving the MMR

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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