A New Lab- just for Children

A New Lab- Just for Children

Advanced Pediatrics is very pleased to announce that a new lab has opened near our office.

This the Child Lab.

Child Lab is the only laboratory in our region whose work is limited exclusively to children.

This offers your children some special value when and if it comes time to do lab work.

  • First of all, this lab can do an amazing amount of testing on tiny drops of blood.  This means the whole process of blood tests is suddenly so much easier and so much less painful.
  • The lab is set up to do the tests we need to do in pediatrics, so if we have a concern about your child, Child Lab will be almost certain to have the test available, and will report normal ranges for children.
  • All their technicians only draw blood from babies and children.  Again, this makes the experience a lot less painful.  They will be far more likely than a general lab to get the sample on the first attempt.
This lab is located on Chagrin Boulevard across the street from Eton, in Woodmere Village.

Their info is:

Child Lab
Hours- Open Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
28420 Chagrin Boulevard
216-595-1231 (phone)
216-595-1281 (fax)

We have worked with Child Lab for many years and trust them as the premier lab facility for children in our region.  It is actually very exciting to know they are now in our neighborhood, so your children can now experience their expertise if the time for a lab test should ever arise.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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