Many Thanks to All

Dear Families,

As we enter the holiday season I wanted to wish everyone
a wonderful time, and very importantly a happy and healthy New Year.

I also wanted to thank every one in the practice, parents, children, families,
for your most valuable gift, your trust in us at Advanced Pediatrics.

And, I wanted to thank Ms. Elise Provident for drawing a special
rendition of this year's trip to the White House.  You can see Elise and
her wonderful drawing below.  Her drawing is actually hanging in our
waiting room as well.


So Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to all,

We look forward to working as hard as we can to help everyone in 2010!

Dr. Arthur Lavin
Dr. Julie Hertzer
Ms. Kelley Muldoon Rieger
And our staff, Sue, Bobbi, and Samantha

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