Large Shipment of H1N1 now at Advanced Pediatrics

Good News!
The Crisis is Over

Advanced Pediatrics Just Received a Large 
Shipment of H1N1 vaccine- shot and nasal spray

There is now currently plenty of H1N1 vaccine 
for everyone.

Today Advanced Pediatrics received a good number of 
three forms of the H1N1 vaccine:
  1. The nasal spray 
  2. The shot for infants 6 months and older
  3. The shot for children and adults older than 3 years
The fact that we have a good supply now means that we can offer the 
H1N1 vaccine to everyone who is 6 months or older and not allergic to eggs.

This includes:
  1. All children in our practice ages 6 months and up*
  2. All parents of children in our practice*
*Unless, as noted, allergic to eggs, or have another reason a flu 
vaccine would be harmful to them.

The material of H1N1 vaccine is free and we have not 
and will not charge anyone for the material.
A charge for administration of the vaccine is made.

For children in the practice, those fees are submitted to the
family's insurer, as we are the primary doctor.

For parents in the practice, we are offering a discounted 
fee of $20 that must be paid at the time of service, prior 
to the H1N1 vaccine being given to the parent.  We will
also register the parent to document the vaccine was given.

Supplies are expected to be abundant,  but of course that 
is totally dependent on demand, so we will see.  

With regard to seasonal flu vaccine, our supplies remain 
limited and we do not expect that to change, the manufacturers
only made a certain amount and that turns out to be a too small
amount for the US this year.  We still have seasonal flu vaccine, but
expect to run out in the next few weeks.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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