A Thank You to All for Flu Fest 2015

A Thank You to All for Flu Fest 2015  

Dear Families,

This is a note of thanks to the families of Advanced Pediatrics, and to Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream, for a successful series of Flu Fest this year.   

Last weekend we concluded our third and final Flu Fest of the year.  Through the Flu Fest concept, we have been able to provide protection against infection from the influenza virus to a large segment of the practice, in a fun manner that is quick and easy.

Special thanks go to everyone for what could have been a very challenging year in which manufacturers of the vaccine stumbled, failing to ship on time, and in the case of FluMist, denying 
doctors' offices access to the nasal spray form for this season.   All of you were incredibly flexible as we needed to move the Flu Fests from September to November, as well as moving to use of the shot rather than the spray version.  We hope and expect that manufacturing will go more smoothly next year and we can return to early fall Flu Fest with Flu Mist.

We also want to give a special thanks to Mike Mitchell and his colleagues at Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream.  Their generous contribution of pre-scooped Mitchell's Ice Cream allowed us once again to take some of the sting out of getting a shot, and greatly enhanced the whole experience.  It really puts the Fest into Flu Fest!

Finally, many thanks to the staff here at Advanced Pediatrics for coming in on weekend days to make Flu Fest available at convenient times, and to our dedicated team of young helpers who got the ice cream into your children's hands:  Margo Hertzer and her friends, and Colin and Katie Rieger and their friend Christopher.

Most importantly, we are so pleased that so many children are now protected.  With your flu immunization, you just got rid of 1/3 of all your winter colds and respiratory flus.   That's a lot fewer cold and flus and we are so happy we could help, with you, to make that happen.

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin

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