New Vision for Advanced Pediatrics, Literally

New Vision for Advanced Pediatrics, Literally

We at Advanced Pediatrics are very, very pleased to announce that we have a new neighbor, the Western Reserve Vision Care center.

Led by Dr. Mary Jo Stiegemeier, the Western Reserve Vision Care (WRVC) is a truly unusual source of eye care for the whole family.  WRVC features a group of highly skilled optometrists, many of whom see mainly children and have extensive experience with infants as well.

Dr. Stiegemeier spent many years working with one of our region's top pediatric ophthalmologists, Dr. Andreas Marcotty, and remains a close collaborator of his.

With the WRVC next door to us now, we are so pleased that if any children in the practice have an eye injury of concern, we can arrange evaluation on an emergency basis very easily, simply by walking next door once we have determined that would be helpful.

The WRVC is also going to help us make sure if there are any questions about eye or visual function that we can have your infant, child, or adolescent seen promptly and deliver an extremely high quality and reliable evaluation.

Western Reserve Vision Care  also can provide eye exams and prescriptions for eyeglasses and contacts as well as the eyeglasses and contacts for the whole family.

We recently met with Dr. Stiegemeier and are so excited to have her office right next to ours.  Her approach to care is so congruent with our vision of care at Advanced Pediatrics.    She has been sought by many, but remains committed to independent practice where she can make the care her team offers as excellent as possible.

So we welcome Western Reserve Vision Care to our office suite, and are particularly excited that these excellent services are now so very easily accessible to all the families of Advanced Pediatrics.

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin

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