Back in Order- repairs in the office

Back in Order-
Pipes to be Repaired this Friday, March 27

In contrast to our usual post- information you can use, and that is useful across the community, this post is just about some repair work taking place in the office.

As those in the practice know, we have had to hang an Out of Order sign on our bathroom too frequently over the years.

We are very pleased to let everyone know that our landlord has identified faulty pipe paths as the reason for this inconvenience, and will be repairing it this Friday, March 27.

The good news is that our bathroom should be back in order by next week!

But we want everyone to know that for the repairs to take place, our office needs to close early this Friday.   So, the office will close at Noon, this Friday, March 27.  

Please be sure to get all requests for prescription refills in by Noon this Friday.

Dr. Lavin will remain available throughout Friday afternoon and the weekend by phone, without interruption at our usual number, 216-591-1515.

We will be open as usual first thing Monday morning at 9AM next week.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we look forward to our bathroom working for years to come.

To your health,
Dr. Lavin

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