Baby acne

Baby Acne

Nearly every baby born develops a rash on their face.

But not all newborn facial bumps are acne.

Baby acne is just what is sounds like- red round bumps that look like and are pimples that can come to a white head filled with pus.  

But as noted, there are many causes for facial rashes at birth.  It could be the result of reactions to foods, clothes, air even.  And those reactions could be mild red bumps or more inflamed skin that gets coarse and cracks- suggesting eczema.  Or rashes can occur for no known reason, which is a common problem as nearly all infants get facial rashes.

If it is acne, no treatment is necessary.

If it is eczema, use of vaseline or other mild treatments are helpful if the rash is severe enough to require intervention.

Bottom Line
Nearly all baby's develop some rash on their face not long after birth.  Acne does occur, but most rashes are not acne, but rather, reflect mild inflammations, reactions, eczema, or are simply just non-specific bumps.  

Most facial rashes in newborns require no treatment.  Occasionally some mild treatment is indicated.  But baby acne typically requires no interventions.

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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