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Invite your first-time pregnant friends
to join us for
New Mother's Day
As many of you know, Advanced Pediatrics has been collaborating on projects with Berg’s Baby & Teen Furniture for some time. Together, we have even published the book “The 5 Most Important Things to Do During Pregnancy to Ensure the Future Health of Your New Baby.” Berg’s has been recognized as one of the nation’s top baby furniture stores.
We are pleased to announce the addition of Alexandria School as the newest member of our collaborative association. Located in Solon, Alexandria School brings the best in training for Newborn Care Specialists and Nannies as well as offering courses to parents and parents-to-be. Alexandria School is one of four schools certified nanny schools in The United States.
In contrast to trends in the marketplace, where relationships are cast aside in elusive pursuit of efficiency, the core mission of each of our businesses is creating and nurturing a strong relationship with our clients and customers. We three take pride in basing our activities on thinking about what you need and being as knowledgeable and responsive as possible.
On May 12, we join forces to present New Mother’s Daythe first in a series of offerings to the community. The focus is on first-time pregnant women. We ask you to forward this invitation to any and all of your friends who meet that criterion. And, of course, feel free to link up through Facebook.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Here is the agenda for New Mother’s Day.
      • Five steps that let your newborn sleep safe
      • How to create a green nursery and why it might be important
        to your baby’s health              
      • How to evaluate and choose the best way to  care for your baby
        when you go back to work
Guest Experts:
      Carolyn Stulberg • Alexandria School
      Dr. Arthur Lavin • Advanced Pediatrics
      David Brodsky • Berg’s Baby & Teen Furniture
      Saturday, May 12th
      10:00 am to noon                                                             
            10:00 am • Meet and greet, refreshments
            10:30 am • Presentations
            11:30 am • Questions and answers
      Alexandria School
      28500 Miles Road, Suite P
      Solon OH
      The first building west of Miles Farmer’s Market
      all the way at the back
Registration and more information:
      440-914-0044 • Alexandria School
More information:
      216-591-1515 • Advanced Pediatrics
      440-585-2374 • Berg’s Baby & Teen Furniture
Dr. Arthur Lavin
Dr. Julie Hertzer
Ms. Kelley Muldoon Rieger, APRN, PNP
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