ProLoquo2Go- A Breakthrough Approach to Augmented Communication

A Breakthrough Approach to Augmented Communication

Thanks to a parent in the practice, I would like to bring to your attention a new approach to help children who have trouble speaking, ProLoquo2Go  (http://www.proloquo2go.com/). 

This is an intervention designed for children with special health care needs that include a serious impairment in the ability to talk, but who retain the ability to construct thoughts.  Children in this situation often experience very painful frustration:  they have many thoughts and feelings to share, but physically are blocked from communicating them.  Sign language helps those who have sufficient hand function to do so, but many children in this situation also have limited hand function as well.

For many years, developers have been seeking devices that will allow a person to indicate their ideas by tapping a button or series of buttons.  Once tapped, the button will communicate to the listener what the person would like to say.  For example, one button might communicate the thought, "I am hungry," or another that says, "Yes," or, "No."

Typically devices that allow this approach to communication have been very expensive to obtain, often costing many thousands of dollars.

This is where ProLoquo2Go comes in.  It transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into such an augmentated communication device for $150-250!

Families that have used ProLoquo2Go have stated that it makes a real difference.

So if you have a child with such a special need, or know of someone who does, I do recommend that you take a look at ProLoquo2Go and see if it might help. 

Many thanks to the parent who brought this to my attention,

Dr. Arthur Lavin

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