Pandemic Waning

The H1N1 Pandemic May not be Coming Back

The World Health Organization announced recently that 
the incidence of H1N1 infection in the world continues to decline, with
no early indicators of a spring return of the infection.

As we all know, Cleveland, Ohio had a very widespread

epidemic of H1N1 disease in the fall of 2009, but recently
H1N1 infections have dropped to nearly zero.

If it does not return this spring, that would end a year of 
intense attention on H1N1, an end that I welcome.
It will be nice not to have to worry about it anymore.

Further, if the H1N1 infection does not recur until next fall, 
the management of the risk of such infection will be far easier,
since H1N1 will be part of the flu vaccine for 2010-2011.

The other news was that the H1N1 pandemic was mild.
It caused as many flu infections as seasonal flu, but only
half the fatalities.  

It is too early to pronounce the threat from H1N1 virus completely
over, but we can say that the threat is clearly smaller, and fading

Dr. Arthur Lavin
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