Tamiflu does not help those with mild illness

Tamiflu Does Not Help and May Harm Those With Mild Illness

A new study from researchers at Oxford University in Great Britain raises
doubts about the wisdom of using Tamiflu for mild influenza infections.

This study demonstrates that Tamiflu and other antivirals for influenza
infections, including H1N1 (swine flu) virus, offers very little benefit, reducing
the length of the illness by only a few hours. Of more concern, Tamiflu
appears to have no ability to prevent complications of influenza infection
in children. And of most concern, it appears to cause significant
side effects.

Bottom Line
If your child has a mild cold or flu, we do not recommend the use of
Tamiflu. Of course, if a more serious, life-threatening case of
influenza occurs, the use of Tamiflu would have to be considered.

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