A New Study for 6-17 Year Olds with ADHD at Advanced Pediatrics

People with attention deficit disorders typically have abnormal sleep function, too. Recent studies have linked exposure to strong white light after sunset to disruptions in normal sleeping. And so, we at Advanced Pediatrics are curious about whether limiting exposure to light before bedtime might help improve sleep and, in turn, improve attention during the day. In a study designed in collaboration with scientists at John Carrol we are now able to offer a study that limits the exposure to blue light before bedtime to see what impact this has on your child's attentional abilities. The interventions are:
  • Taking a 10 minute test of attentional skill with Dr. Weitman.
  • Wearing amber-tinted glasses for some time before bedtime every day, using an amber-tinted nightlight and/or light bulb for middle of the night lights.
  • Keeping a diary of sleep and attention functions
Do this for 10 weeks and then repeat the attention test with Dr. Weitman.  We have obtained formal certification from the University Hospitals Institutional Review Board for this study.

There is no cost to participate.

If interested, simply call our office, we will enroll the first 30 who meet the entry criteria of being 6-17 years old and having ADHD.

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